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Episode 02. Courances, France.

Join us on an exciting adventure as we explore the picturesque village of Courances, France. In this episode, we take you through its narrow streets, showcasing the historical buildings, notable landmarks, and the unique charm that Courances has to offer, even on a gray winter day.

Episode Highlights:

Discovering Rue de l’Abreuvoir and Rue du Moulin: Our journey commences along the enchanting Rue de l’Abreuvoir, leading us to Rue du Moulin, where the town hall is situated.

Admiring Place du Général de Gaulle and Saint-Étienne de Courances Church: As we make a right turn onto Place du Général de Gaulle, a vibrant square greets us with its lively atmosphere. Standing prominently is the magnificent Saint-Étienne de Courances Church, a testament to the village’s rich history. Capture the intricate details of this architectural masterpiece, showcasing its cultural significance.

Riding through Grande Rue: Embark on a journey through Grande Rue, a street adorned with charming houses exuding warmth and character. Immerse yourself in the local way of life as we glide past these traditional dwellings, each with its own unique architectural style and vibrant facades.

Exploring Rue Petit Paris: Beyond the church, we venture into the captivating Rue Petit Paris. Although less inhabited, this street is known for its expansive properties and secluded charm. While we were unable to access the Courances Domain during our visit, we highlight its historical and natural allure. The domain, featuring breathtaking gardens and a renowned château, is a significant attraction drawing visitors from far and wide.

Conclusion: Despite the winter gloom, Courances captivates with its historical landmarks, architectural wonders, and undeniable charm. Join us in the next episode as we continue our electric skateboard adventures, uncovering hidden gems in incredible places.

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