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Episode 26. Auxerre, France

Exploring Historic Gems in Auxerre, France – Episode 26

In this thrilling episode, join me on my electric skateboard as we journey through the enchanting city of Auxerre. Our adventure begins with a visit to the magnificent Saint-Étienne Cathedral, where we marvel at its grandeur and historical significance. Next, we glide through the bustling Place de l’Horloge and pass under the iconic Tour de l’Horloge, uncovering its rich history along the way.

As we traverse the city, we pass by the imposing La Poste d’Auxerre and admire the medieval charm of the Maisons médiévales. Our exploration continues as we discover the captivating Chapelle du séminaire Auxerre and return to the Saint-Étienne Cathedral.

Saint-Étienne Cathedral

Moving forward, we encounter the fortified building of the Archives départementales de l’Yonne and make our way to the remarkable Tour Saint-Jean, where we learn more about its intriguing past. Our journey takes us through peaceful cobbled streets, leading us to uncover hidden gems along the way.

Finally, we delve into the intricate details of the façade of the Saint-Étienne Cathedral, uncovering its architectural wonders and historical tales.

Join me as we embark on this exciting adventure through Auxerre, immersing ourselves in its rich heritage and architectural splendor. Discover the charm and history of this remarkable city, captured in the captivating scenes of our electric skateboard ride.

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