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 Episode 24. Sens-sur-Yonne, France

Episode 24 – Sens: Discover the Hidden Charms of this Historic Town

Welcome to Episode 24 of our thrilling series, where we embark on an exciting adventure through the picturesque town of Sens. Situated in the Yonne department, just 100 km southeast of Paris, Sens is a destination that is rich in history and offers a unique blend of architectural wonders and cultural treasures.

Our journey begins along the bustling Marché Couvert, where we set off towards the magnificent Saint-Étienne Cathedral. This Gothic masterpiece stands tall, showcasing its intricate details and captivating stained glass windows.

We make our way to the Palais Synodal of Sens. This impressive building, once the residence of the archbishops, now serves as a venue for cultural events and exhibitions. Its historical significance and architectural beauty make it a must-visit attraction in Sens.

Continuing our exploration, we venture into the charming pedestrian streets of Sens. On this particular day, which coincides with the French National Day on July 14th, the shops are closed, creating a serene atmosphere for us to freely explore. The streets are lined with enchanting half-timbered houses, showcasing the unique architectural style of the region. It’s a delightful sight that captures the essence of Sens.

As we approach the banks of the Yonne River, we are greeted by the majestic Saint-Maurice Church. Its elegant design and proximity to the bridge create a picturesque scene. From here, we witness the preparations for the evening’s fireworks display, a spectacle that lights up the night sky and fills the air with excitement and anticipation.

Our journey takes us further, passing by the Boulevard Maupéou square and the Sainte-Mathie Church, each offering its own charm and historical significance. The town hall stands proudly, a symbol of governance and administration in Sens.

Finally, we arrive back in front of the Saint-Étienne Cathedral, where our adventure began. Its towering presence and architectural grandeur serve as a reminder of the rich history that envelops the town.

Join us in experiencing the wonders of Sens through our captivating video. Let the beauty and heritage of this remarkable town inspire you to plan your own visit and explore all that Sens has to offer.

Discover more episodes and exciting adventures on our website. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Sens and create unforgettable memories.

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