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Experience the Thrills of the ONSRA OPEN Electric Skateboard Race

Step into the electrifying world of the ONSRA OPEN Electric Skateboard Race (organized by Onsra Europe), which took place on April 15, 2023, at the go-kart track in Waldshut, Germany. This exceptional event brought together 50 passionate runners from all over Europe to compete in three exciting categories: OPEN, Street, and Fun. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, as riders showcased their skills and pushed the limits of electric skateboarding.

As I arrived at the kartbahn in Waldshut, I had the pleasure of meeting three remarkable riders, including Nelson, also known as no.limits.to.ride on Instagram. The energy and enthusiasm were already palpable during our initial encounter, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The following day, I had the opportunity to meet all the other participants, who arrived with electric skateboards of various brands. The competition kicked off with immense joy and anticipation, with each category taking turns to showcase their prowess. As a first-timer, I was truly impressed by the level of skill demonstrated by these competitors. I personally participated in the Fun section and cherished every moment of the race.

During a break for lunch, I indulged in some much-needed pizza. Taking advantage of the champions’ mealtime, I decided to make a statement by donning my suit, complete with a white shirt and a famous tie. Dressed to impress, I embarked on an exploration of the complex and exhilarating course, filled with surprising twists and turns.

The competition resumed, and between each race, there were delightful moments for capturing memories through photography. Time flew by swiftly, and before I knew it, it was time for the prize-giving ceremony and the departure.

This experience was truly enriching, diverse, and incredible. I had the pleasure of meeting inspiring individuals and discovering new perspectives. Looking ahead, I eagerly await the next edition of this remarkable event, ready to surpass my previous achievements. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. Next year, I’ll strive to exceed expectations and make even more unforgettable memories.

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