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Ride with lesriderslyonnais

The Rhône: a majestic force that shapes the identity of Lyon

Lyon, the bustling city nestled along the banks of the Rhône, owes much of its beauty and allure to this majestic waterway. The Rhône not only sculpted the landscape of the city but also influenced its culture and way of life.

Right in the heart of Lyon, I had the incredible opportunity to ride with lesriderslyonnais (Instagram), a community of electric scooter riders. They welcomed me with open arms and showed me the wonders of the city. Together we embarked on an exciting journey along the Rhone, illuminating the night with the powerful lights of their electric scooters. We slid over bridges, passed under arches and even ventured through a tunnel, experiencing Lyon in a truly unique way.

The breathtaking beauty of the Rhône enhances the enchanting atmosphere of the quays of Lyon. The festive atmosphere that comes alive at night along the banks is an invitation to soak up the vibrant energy of the city. Lively bars, restaurants and entertainment venues create a lively and unforgettable experience, making the most of the charm of Lyon’s nightlife.

Lyon has long recognized the importance of sustainable and efficient urban mobility. The city’s commitment is reflected in a well-designed cycling infrastructure, including beautiful cycle paths that line the banks of the Rhône. Lyon offers a fluid and pleasant experience to cyclists and scooter riders, allowing them to discover the attractions of the city while adopting environmentally friendly transport.

In bidding farewell to the runners from Lyon, I express my sincere gratitude to them for their warm welcome and their kindness. When I return to Lyon, I look forward to reuniting with this remarkable community, eager to explore new adventures along the Rhône.

Adventure enthusiasts looking to ride and connect with like-minded people are encouraged to contact the LesridersLyon community. Whether you ride an electric scooter, an electric skateboard or any other electric powered vehicle, they will welcome you warmly and share their passion for exploration with you. Join them for thrilling rides and unforgettable experiences along the scenic Rhône in Lyon. Let the spirit of community and adventure guide you as you embark on new electric journeys through this remarkable city.

Live the magic of Lyon Rhône, where breathtaking landscapes, festive nights and urban mobility intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Discover the captivating allure of this remarkable city, where the impact of the Rhône is felt at every corner.


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